Pay for WatchLAB focus groups ranges from $75 to $900 per hour, with the average focus group paying around $125 per hour.

3. Focusscope
Focusscope is another smaller consumer research company. It updates its users regularly about new opportunities on its Facebook page, and most studies are now completed remotely. Focusscope pays $75 to $250 per focus group, with an average payout of $100.

4. isn’t solely a consumer research company. It is also a job listing board. It aggregates opportunities available across the country, and allows consumer research companies to submit listings.

You can search these focus group listings by state. The average focus group pays around $125 per hour, though there are currently jobs listed for pay ranges anywhere from $75 to $595.

Pro Tip
Participating in medical trials can be another lucrative way to hustle together some extra cash.

5. User Interviews
If you’re looking for online or over-the-phone focus group opportunities, User Interviews listings are plentiful. However, compared to the other companies on this list, more of these focus group opportunities are in-person. Use filters while you search to ensure you’re only being shown the remote opportunities.

A portion of the listings on User Interviews are medical studies rather than focus groups.

Participating in medical trials can be another lucrative way to hustle together some extra cash.

Listings on User Interviews pay between $25 and $500 per hour — though few studies get close to the $500 mark. The average focus group pays $60 per hour.

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