What Skincare Benefits Does An Orange Have?

What Skincare Benefits Does An Orange Have?

Orange peels contain vitamin C, which is effective in healing acne scars, deep cleansing the skin, and reducing excess oil secretion and blackheads. In order to achieve these amazing results, all you need to do is grind the orange peel into a powder and mix it with honey. Apply this mixture onto your face, leave it on for 20 minutes and then wash it off with lukewarm water. This very easy skincare treatment will help you get rid of blackheads in no time!


Get Rid Of Blackheads

Use an orange peel to pamper your skin and help rid yourself of blackheads. The alpha-hydroxy acids in citrus fruits such as oranges, limes, and lemons can help exfoliate dead skin cells while removing excess oil from clogged pores. A weekly facial massage with a lemon, lime, or orange is a simple way to achieve a radiant complexion.


Orange Peel Helps To Lighten Skin

If you have dark marks on your skin that you’re trying to lighten, try rubbing an orange peel all over your skin. The vitamin C present in oranges will help to even out your skin tone as well as remove any dead cells from your skin. This is a super inexpensive method for exfoliating and brightening up your complexion.


Moisturizes The Skin

Oranges are a rich source of vitamin C, which helps to prevent acne, stretch marks, and fine lines. If you’re having trouble finding an affordable moisturizer or toner that works for your skin type, reach for an orange! You can use orange juice or simply slice up one of these citrus fruits and apply it directly to your face. The vitamin C in oranges is essential for keeping your skin moisturized, elastic, and healthy. So if you want flawless-looking skin without breaking open your wallet, start squeezing!


Treats Sunburn

Sunburns are unsightly, but they’re also painful and can even be dangerous. This is especially true if you burn easily, or if you have a history of skin cancer. By slathering orange juice on your skin, you can soothe a sunburn. Not only does it have pain-relieving properties, but it’s also full of antioxidants that help to fight off free radicals and reduce inflammation as well.

What Skincare Benefits Does An Orange Have?

Orange Peel Soothes Pimples

Research published in Cutaneous and Ocular Toxicology showed that orange peel extract has a mild bleaching effect when applied to the skin. Orange peels have also been shown to be an effective remedy for reducing bacterial activity in acne-prone skin. The extract is gentle enough that it can be used on all skin types. Start with a small amount and build up from there based on your comfort level with results.


Softens Dry Skin

Orange is an excellent source of vitamin C, which helps prevent dryness and flaking. Applying orange juice to your skin will give it a natural dose of vitamin C. For best results, apply orange directly to your face or mix with other ingredients like olive oil or honey. You can also add slices of orange into your bathwater for extra hydration benefits. In addition to preventing drying of the skin, research suggests that people who consume oranges on a regular basis have healthier-looking skin than those who don’t ( source ). Additionally, if you’re suffering from dermatitis or eczema, adding more oranges into your diet may help improve symptoms ( source ).


Treat Acne Scars

Start with a cut orange. Cut it in half, squeeze out all of its juice, and apply it directly to your face for 15 minutes. When you’re done, rinse your face with warm water and then pat dry. Do not use soap after cleaning or else you’ll wash away all of that wonderful orange goodness! You can repeat these steps once a week if you like (but don’t do it more than that). Within a few days, you should notice results in getting rid of blackheads and acne scars!


Cleanses Hair

Cleansing your hair with oranges will remove excess oils and dirt from your hair follicles. The vitamin C in oranges will help to eliminate any dandruff that you may have on your scalp, giving you a clean and healthy mane. Freshly juiced oranges can also be added directly to your shampoo. This can be beneficial if you are using an expensive brand of shampoo and want to preserve its effects by prolonging usage.

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