Vintage Beauty Tips For The Modern Day

Vintage Beauty Tips For The Modern Day

The beauty world has always had its trends, and what’s cool now will quickly be replaced by something new and different as time goes on. That said, there are still some tried-and-true beauty tips that we can learn from our grandmothers and mothers if we’re willing to dig into the archives of vintage beauty tips. Here are the top three beauty tips that come straight from the ‘50s, ‘60s, and ‘70s!


Beauty Products

What Makes Vintage Beauty Products So Great? : There’s a reason we love vintage beauty products. Many of us have been conditioned to think that old things are not good and new is better. But, when it comes to beauty products, that isn’t true. If a product has stood the test of time and managed to stay in production for decades (think Maybelline), it’s likely safe and dependable—and probably more natural than most new beauty brands out there today! I would argue that many modern beauty products may be detrimental to our health because they contain toxic chemicals from manufacturing processes and harsh ingredients used to stabilize them. Beauty truly does begin with your diet: if you eat well (healing foods), use high-quality skincare products on your body, drink enough water every day, and get plenty of exercise, you will have glowing skin inside and out!


Hair Care

One of our favorite vintage beauty tips is to use olive oil in your hair instead of regular shampoo. All you have to do is add a few drops of lemon juice and warm water and let it sit for 15 minutes. Then rinse it out with cool water. You can even let it sit overnight for deeper conditioning. It’s best if you start using your natural oils in place of commercial products as soon as possible because that’s what your hair wants and needs. If you have dry or brittle hair, olive oil will be especially helpful since its fatty acids are easily absorbed by your scalp and strengthen both structure and flexibility, leaving you with lovely soft tresses. Olive oil’s anti-inflammatory properties also benefit hair health. Just rub some into your hands, then run them through dry strands from roots to ends. Olive oil also makes an excellent shaving lotion, so use it daily (and generously) on legs and underarms before shaving; after shaving—whether electric or not—use coconut oil (anti-fungal and antibacterial) for hydrating the skin; mix equal parts olive and coconut oils together for a double dose of hydration!

Vintage Beauty Tips For The Modern Day

Body Care

A great tip for keeping your skin soft and supple is to use a combination of olive oil and honey. Both are edible and have health benefits for your skin. Olive oil will keep your skin moisturized, while honey acts as an antioxidant, which will keep wrinkles at bay. Mix one tablespoon of olive oil with two tablespoons of honey in a small bowl. Make sure it’s not too runny or watery; then rub it into your hands or any other body part that needs some TLC. You’ll be amazed by how smooth your skin feels! Also, you can do a full-body application if you want – there’s no need to save yourself just because I suggested only doing it on your hands! Just don’t lick your fingers afterward 😉 Feel free to follow up with regular lotion after showering. There are also many different DIY recipes out there if you want more than honey and olive oil, such as using fresh herbs (rosemary!) instead of salt scrub when showering. If you’re stuck in a rut and looking for new ideas, try googling natural beauty recipes or homemade beauty recipes.


Skin Nutrition

Your skin is your largest organ and one of your most visible. It’s also one of your most important organs and as such you need to be mindful of what you put on it. A healthy diet can show up in a healthy complexion, so make sure to add an abundance of vegetables and fruits to your diet. Green tea is also known for its anti-inflammatory properties, which are key for keeping your skin clean and clear. Lastly, don’t forget about water! Being properly hydrated will keep your whole body (including skin) flushed with nutrients and improve blood circulation. You might not see results overnight but remember that health takes time; good things come to those who wait!

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