Are You Eating Bananas Wrong?

Wellbeing and skin advantages of bananas

Bananas are one of the most widely consumed fruits in the world, second only to apples. They’re incredibly popular because they’re not only delicious but also very versatile and packed with nutrients. On top of that, they’re cheap, and they have many physical health benefits. However, many people don’t know how to best eat bananas, which can actually cause stomach pain in the long run if you don’t consume them correctly. Learn more about this below!


15 Benefits of Bananas


Studies show that bananas are really good for us. Researchers say that bananas have more positive health benefits than most other fruits. People who eat bananas regularly tend to live longer, healthier lives. Here’s a look at some of those health benefits and how you can take advantage of them: 1. Lowers Blood Pressure – Studies have shown that people who eat bananas as part of their diet have lower blood pressure and reduced risk of strokes than people who don’t regularly eat them. One study found that just half a banana every day could lower systolic blood pressure by up to eight percent in only two weeks 2.


4 Ways How Bananas Affect Human Health


Contain lots of Potassium – With over 800 mg of potassium per banana, bananas can help reduce blood pressure, lower the risk of stroke, and prevent heart disease. 2. Protect Against Cancer – The high fiber content found in bananas aids in digestion and also helps eliminate toxins from your body which is also known to protect against cancer. 3. Enhance Brain Health – A medium-sized banana gives you an ample amount of copper which not only helps you have a good night’s sleep but also maintains an optimum level of concentration throughout your day at work or school as well. 4. Help Prevent Kidney Stones – According to studies, eating bananas can help people prone to developing kidney stones as it has high levels of magnesium and low oxalate content, both being integral components in preventing kidney stones.

Are You Eating Bananas Wrong?

8 Best Ways To Eat Bananas


Most people consider bananas a staple in their daily diet, but most fail to take into account that not all parts of a banana can be eaten. When ripe, bananas are filled with many nutrients and vitamins that your body craves and needs to stay healthy. But when you peel a banana and cut it open, you are only eating one part of it. For example, you aren’t really eating much by just munching on bananas as compared to other fruits like apples which contain seeds. Instead of wasting away those unused parts, here are 8 Best Ways To Eat Bananas


Don’t Eat Raw Bananas


We know bananas are delicious. We know they make us feel good when we eat them. We know they can prevent heart attacks, stroke, certain cancers, and help control our blood pressure. But did you know that raw bananas can cause you to suffer from indigestion and even pain in your stomach? That’s because bananas contain large quantities of what’s known as resistant starch. If cooked or processed (such as in baked goods), resistant starch is transformed into a sugar called maltose which humans digest easily.

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