Welcome to Unityclicks Global!

How to work with My Clicks

  • Join our website through any referral or through Admin.
  • When you upgrade your account, you will be given 10 premium ads on each paid joining. Each ad is equal to Rs. 16 or 0.1 USD or equivalent to btc as you have paid while joining the site.
  • . You will get 50% direct Refferal commission of you all joining in the form of Premium ads.
  • You have to view these ads , which will show your earnings.
  • When your total balance is Rs.80 , you can request for withdrawal.
  • Withdrawal will be issued instantly but in the currency with which you have upgraded your account.
  • New joining will move you to new ranks. On winning new ranks, you will be rewarded cash prizes or equivalent gift.
  • Try to select the best people, who may give further joining so that money of none is bounded in your team.
  • If you win the last rank, you will be considered a foundation member and be rewarded a bumper prize.
  • If you want visit our office then it will be great full for my clixs team to guide you .You can also withdraw your available balance by visiting our office.For office details please visit our contact us page .
  • If you need more information about our system feel free to Contact Us.